Situs Bandar Teguela via Carlos R. De Los Rios

Situs Bandar Teguela is a short travelog composed via Carlos R. De Los Rios. It is an interesting gander at life in the Philippines through the eyes of a Filipino youth, as a young person. It is an unquestionable requirement perused for anybody interested in traveling to this nation or for anybody wanting to find out about its way of life and history.

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The story spins around a gathering of companions in Terpercaya, who happen to be from a helpless foundation however have figured out how to communicate in English through introduction to the American motion pictures they watch. One of them, Carlito, is exceptionally interested in traveling to America to see his preferred entertainer, Michael Douglas, who he thinks is attractive and has the voice of a pornography star. He is eager to burn through a large number of dollars to pay for his boarding pass to visit where the film was shot.

On their excursion to see the set, Carlito and his companions find themselves in some neighborhood customs that make them awkward. A Filipino house cleaner and her better half dislike Carlito’s quality as a result of his absence of cash. The house cleaner has a tantrum and compromises the man, saying that she will tell everybody on the set that he was the person who invited Carlito there and that she was the person who paid for their boarding passes. The man escapes with his family while the house cleaner, Carlito, and the others attempt to go up against her about this issue.

In the interim, a kid named Jose, who needs to be a specialist however isn’t yet mature enough, flees from home. He is found via Carlito, the house cleaner, and his companions. They take him to the home of the kid’s mother and attempt to convince her that he is only a kid and that they should leave him with them. Be that as it may, the lady, who likewise happens to be Jose’s grandmother, insists that he be permitted to remain with her. This prompts the companions to attempt to get Jose to turn out to be more conscious of them and their way of life by showing him the incorrect ways.

In the end, Jose turns out to be more OK with the gathering, however his grandmother won’t permit him to visit America so he takes the short transport ride over to the city of Situs Bandar in Bulacan. to see his deity. On his visit, Carlito is intrigued with the spot since he observes local people’s destitution yet additionally learns a great deal about his family from his mother and the individuals around him.

The story closes with Carlito’s grandmother telling him that his family is glad for his achievements and he can go to where the entertainer recorded the film on the off chance that he needs to visit, yet he needs to purchase a ticket. He is then given a transport pass to get back, which he does.

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